Castek Rod Caddy Frequently Asked Questions


What types of rods will this work with? Will my rods fit in the Rod Caddy?

The Rod Caddy will work with nearly every type of freshwater rod and reel combo including spinning, baitcasting, fly rods, and ice rods. To check fit, measure the diameter (thickness) of your rods 19 inches from the bottom. If the diameter is ½” or less it will fit.


How many rods will fit?

The Rod Caddy can accommodate up to 4 rods. They carry very nicely back to back, so if needed you can carry two Rod Caddies (up to 8 rods) in one hand without tangling!


Can I carry my 2 piece rods in it?

Yes! One of the features of the Rod Caddy are individual slots for holding the tips of your 2 piece rods. This protects them from breaking as well as allows them to be stored and transported in smaller spaces.


How does it mount? Where can I mount it?

The Rod Caddy comes with two mounting brackets that can be screwed down or strapped on. It can be mounted with the rods vertical or horizontal, or any angle in between. Depending on your specific situation, it can be mounted to the wall, your truck, boat, ice sled, ATV, kayak, RV, canoe, and more! The strap slots allow it to be strapped to anything you can fit a strap around, including backpacks, truck racks, poles, etc.


How do the automatic legs work?

There is a pedal on the bottom of the Rod Caddy so when the Rod Caddy is on the ground and you lean it forward, the pedal pushes the legs out automatically. When you pick it up, the legs automatically return to the closed position.


How do I carry the Rod Caddy?

There are two side handles on the Rod Caddy that allow you to carry right- or left-handed. The handle allows you to find a perfect balance, keeping your rod tips pointed slightly up so you won’t run them into the ground while carrying them.


What is it made from?

It is made from high grade aluminum and impact resistant ABS polymer for long-lasting durability.


How much does it weigh?

The Rod Caddy weighs only 2 ½ pounds so it’s a breeze to carry, even long distances!


How big is it?

The overall dimensions are approximately 24 inches tall by 13 inches wide by 3 ½ inches deep.


Is there a way to lock it into its mounting brackets so the Rod Caddy doesn’t bounce out when mounted to my vehicle?

Currently the mounting brackets use gravity to keep the Rod Caddy in place, so we recommend strapping the rod caddy down with a bungee cord or something similar when mounted to a moving vehicle. We are working on a locking mounting bracket that will hopefully be ready for Fall 2019.


Can it be strapped to a backpack?

Yes! The included mounting brackets have slots for straps so it can be strapped to a backpack. We are also working on backpack straps that will hook to the rod caddy for hands-free carrying!


Can I leave my lines rigged up when I use the Rod Caddy?

Yes, you can leave the lines rigged up, even when using it with 2 piece rods. The Rod Caddy will keep each rod separated, greatly reducing or eliminating the chance of tangles.


What is the warranty on the Rod Caddy?

The Rod Caddy has a 1 year limited warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on the rubber straps that hold the rods. Castek will repair or replace, at our option, any Rod Caddy with a manufacturing defect for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Warranty does not cover damage from misuse or abuse. Castek will replace all damaged or broken rubber hold down straps for the life of your Rod Caddy. Shipping charges may apply.


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